Big news! Today, We’re excited to announce a new product – the Woocontacts Browser Extension

It's a major new product feature that makes bookmarking contacts on the web even more faster, easier and fun. We’ve been waiting to announce this new tool for weeks!

Our handy browser extension lets users save any contact they find on the web in a click of a button, on literally any website. And we think its the easiest and fastest way to bookmark contacts anywhere on the web

Woocontacts Browser Extension
Why Build An Extension

Because Woocontacts users expect the absolute best on usability, features, and a faster way to bookmark anyone on the web. That was impossible to achieve without building our own extension.

Also, This extension has been a frequent request from LinkedIn users using woocontacts, which is why the first version of this contact management chrome extension is geared towards LinkedIn website entirely but it works on other sites too.

The extension automatically fills in the contact information of any connections or profiles on LinkedIn. It also tries to guess the contact information on other websites. Other major popular platforms like (Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, Deviantart, Github ,Producthunt & more) will be supported in future versions.

Now LinkedIn users can retrieve contact information from the LinkedIn profiles of their leads, investors, prospects or candidates. They get the contact information in a click with the Chrome extension.

How to use the extension

1. Download the Chrome Browser Extension
2. Add Extension to Chrome - Click "Add to Chrome" then go to the Extensions page in your Settings to make sure it downloaded correctly. This should be the same for Chrome, Brave and all other Chromium-based web browsers.
3. Visit any webpage of your choice.
4. Click on the Woocontacts logo. It should be at the icon right in the browser toolbar.
5. Login with your woocontacts account
6. It uses just the information available on the webpage, which you can edit to your taste
7. Start bookmarking!

Here's a video demonstrating how a connection is saved from LinkedIn website.

We will be adding capabilities over time, but this is a slick and useful app in its current form. Ultimately, we built a browser extension that we personally would want to use every day, and we made it free for our users.

Our users’ success is our success, which is why we’re constantly looking for new ways to make remembering and organizing people on the internet more fast, simple and fun.

For security, we do not request any permissions or collect any data about your browsing experience. You can hide the app from the menu at any time by right-clicking the icon — without disabling or deleting it entirely.

We have even more exciting, major announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks for Woocontacts users. Stay tuned to our Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog for updates!

Just like our work here on Woocontacts, we’ll be rapidly building more features for the Woocontacts Extension. We’d love to hear your feedback and feature requests at

We want to make it fast, simple, and fun to remember and organize people on the internet. Give woocontacts a try today!